By Jamie Burkhart March 22, 2024

Best Time to Visit the Eiffel Tower: Seasons and Holidays

Best Time to Visit the Eiffel Tower Seasons and Holidays

If you’re looking for the best time of year to visit the Eiffel Tower, I’ve got you covered. In this post, I’ll highlight how visiting the Eiffel Tower varies through the seasons, including holidays and festivals, the nearby gardens, when the high season is, and the best tips to make your trip unforgettable in any season.

Have you ever imagined yourself seated underneath the Eiffel Tower while watching one of the best fireworks shows in the world? Or sipping champagne with the love of your life from the tower summit on Valentine’s Day? What about seeing this monument surrounded by beautiful, blossoming cherry trees? With just a little bit of planning, you can pick the best season to visit the Eiffel Tower so you’ll know when to schedule your dream trip to Paris.

The best seasons to visit the Eiffel Tower

Every season! OK, I say that as someone who loves the Eiffel Tower. But truly, each time of year is unique. You might even decide it’s worth going back in a different season to see how the tower looks and feels then.

First off, let’s start with the busiest time of year.

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Summer at the Eiffel Tower

One of our tour groups having a blast at the Eiffel Tower in August
One of our tour groups having a blast at the Eiffel Tower in August

Tourist season is in full swing during the summer months of June, July, and August. Many people try to stay away from the lines and crowds, but it’s the only time of the year that the Eiffel Tower is its tallest!

Yes, that’s right the Eiffel Tower grows and shrinks depending on the time of year. Who wouldn’t want to see the Eiffel Tower at its best? The summer heat makes the metal expand and increases the tower’s height by almost 6 inches (15 centimeters). During the cooler winter months, the tower shrinks back down to its original height.

Tips for visiting in the summer:

  • Visit with a guide who can help you navigate the crowds. We suggest booking your guided tour well in advance. Visiting with a guide will help you make the most of your experience as you learn all about the tower’s incredible history, engineering, and more. Your guide handles all the logistics, including buying tickets. Have questions on where to eat near the Eiffel Tower or other Paris travel tips? Your guide can help with that too.
  • Take the elevator if it’s hot and you don’t feel like climbing. Paris gets warm during the summer months. Temperatures regularly reach 85 degrees Fahrenheit. While that might not seem high to some, remember that the humidity can make it feel hotter. Be sure to grab your sunglasses and lather on some SPF before heading out to see the Eiffel Tower.
  • Purchase your Eiffel Tower tickets in advance since there will be more visitors. About 2-3 months before your trip is great, but make sure you wait until you know the day you’ll be at the tower. You can’t exchange tickets once you’ve purchased them if you’re booking through the Eiffel Tower website. If you book with a tour company, like ours, you can often be refunded or reschedule if something comes up as long as you give enough notice. (Our policy is 24 hours.)

Why you should visit the Eiffel Tower in summer

So crowds sound like a reason not to visit the Eiffel Tower during summer. But there’s one thing I absolutely love about this time of year. Celebrating Bastille Day in France is amazing! During this national holiday on July 14th, the entire country celebrates with fireworks, parades, and food.

There’s no official Bastille Day meal, so the best way to celebrate is by eating French cuisine — all day long. I suggest sweet crêpes in the morning, a flaky croissant with a cup of French onion soup at lunch, and the famous pâté and brie with your dinner.

After climbing the tower in the afternoon, grab a bottle of wine, pack a picnic and head to the grounds near the Eiffel Tower. This is your opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower lights in a whole new way. This is truly one of the world’s most spectacular firework shows — after all, where else will you see this backdrop with fireworks?

The fireworks are shot directly from the tower. The video above gives you a peek, but as we all know, fireworks are always better in person.

Paris in the springtime

Paris in Springtime

Ella Fitzgerald said it best in her song, “April in Paris.”

“Till April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom
Holiday tables under the trees
April in Paris, this is a feeling
That no one can ever reprise.”

The trees are blossoming, the birds are chirping and fresh flower bouquets are in every shop. The entire city comes alive during the spring season, and it is truly magical. Around the Eiffel Tower, you’ll find beautiful spring blossoms, and in my opinion, it’s the prettiest time of year in Paris.

Where to see flowers near the Eiffel Tower

The best thing about Paris is that there are blossoming trees all over the city during the spring season. As a traveler, you have a lot of flexibility to get the flowering picture of your dreams. If you arrive from near the end of February to the beginning of May, you’ll be able to catch the flower show, including flowers right by the Eiffel Tower.

Here are a few blooms to look for.

  • Cherry trees: These beautiful pink flowers are in bloom at the end of March through the first half of April. You can find them under the Eiffel Tower, making for a beautiful flower framed picture of the tower.
  • Empress tree: This vibrant purple tree doesn’t need a filter! This colorful tree can be found all over the city, but you’ll find an incredible row of them on both sides of the Trocadero Gardens with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Perennials: There are more than 2,000 perennials, many of which bloom in spring, in a garden at the foot of the tower inspired by La Belle Époque. (That’s the period in France from the 1870s to World War I.) Stop by to admire the weeping willows and 60+ varieties of trees for a natural landscape that’s always changing.

Fall at the tower

Fall at the tower

Fall in Paris is without a doubt as breathtaking as the other seasons. The autumn season adds another dimension to the already gorgeous city.

As you climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower you’ll see the vibrant, changing colors of the trees that decorate both sides of the gardens. During the fall months, you’ll have more room to yourself as there are fewer tourists in the City of Love.

From the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, you can enjoy beautiful views of colorful trees across Paris if you look closely. It’s gorgeous!

Other reasons to visit the Eiffel Tower in fall

Eiffel Tower in fall

It starts to get crisp in fall, so it’s a great time to feel cozy. After climbing the tower, treat yourself to a warm hot chocolate and that popular Parisian treat — a crêpe. My favorite place to get hot chocolate is the Carette Paris at Place du Trocadéro. As you sip your hot chocolate, you’ll also have amazing views of the Eiffel Tower.

The biggest night of Paris’s art calendar also happens during autumn. On October 2, La Nuit Blanche turns the city’s museums and public spaces into an artist’s wonderland. There are pop-up events and theater performances happening all over the city. You can enjoy it all, free of charge, from 7 p.m.-7 a.m. Public transportation is open all evening to get you back home safely.

Travel tip: The Musée du Quai Branly always has exhibits and is just an 8-minute walk from the tower, perfect to visit after your tour!

Visiting the Eiffel Tower in winter

Eiffel Tower in winter

With the sun setting earlier, fewer tourists, and the chance of seeing the Eiffel Tower covered in snow, it’s no wonder some say winter is the best time to visit the Eiffel Tower.

Will it snow when you visit the Eiffel Tower? Can you see the Eiffel Tower covered in snow?

The short answer? Maybe. The chances of traveling on one of the 15 or so days a year that it snows in Paris may not be high, and for a really snowy scene, you want more than a few flurries. But even when it doesn’t snow, the skeletal trees and silver skies can make for a beautiful backdrop for your Eiffel Tower visit.

How to visit the Eiffel Tower in winter

Eiffel Tower in winter

Winter in Paris is as chilly as the pictures make it out to be! Our best advice is to layer up. Don’t be intimidated by the weather if you prefer to climb the tower, just be sure to wear layers, so you can adjust as needed as you climb.

Tip: I suggest highlighting your outfit with a colorful scarf to make your selfies really pop. A good pair of gloves will also go a long way — and keep your hands warm!

If you can, plan your trip around the winter holidays. Christmas magic is sprinkled over Paris starting in late November. This means you don’t have to travel at the end of December to get a taste of the whimsical holiday season in Paris.

Of course, the holidays are a busy time to visit Paris and the Eiffel Tower. If you want to go during the low season, travel during January and February when there are far fewer tourists. You can still get great selfies of you bundled up with a bird’s-eye view of Paris.

When to visit the Eiffel Tower during the year

Eiffel Tower in winter

It’s a tough question—when is the best time of year to visit the Eiffel Tower? As you can see, there’s no one right answer. If you like nature and gardens, spring may be best. If you want to avoid the crowds, aim for late winter. Fall can also be a bit quieter (though this monument is always a popular place to visit), and summer is the time to see fireworks and enjoy long sunny days in the city.

If you’re planning to visit the Eiffel Tower, read our guide to your complete Eiffel Tower budget. With thrifty, mid-level and luxury budgets to choose from, it covers everything from snacks to souvenirs.

We can’t wait to see you at the tower!