By Jordan Plihal August 12, 2021

Where To Buy Eiffel Tower Tickets and What’s Included

Eiffel Tower viewed from below

Standing an impressive 300 meters high, the Eiffel Tower provides an incredible 360-degree view of Paris. You can see the Seine River and several of the city’s best-known landmarks from the second floor and summit. 

If you want to buy Eiffel Tower tickets, read on to learn about the different types of tickets and what’s included with each one. 

Which part of the Eiffel Tower should I visit?

Looking through the transparent floor of the Eiffel Tower first level

Most first-time visitors don’t know that there are actually three different levels of the Eiffel Tower, and there are different ticket prices depending on what you want to see. The first and second levels are accessible with one ticket, but you’ll need a ticket for the summit to get to the highest level.

The first floor of the Eiffel Tower is 187 feet above ground and has plenty more to offer than amazing views. Here, you can find dining and snack options to fit any budget plus a range of entertainment options that change over time. Sometimes there’s a playground, interactive games, ice skating and more! Plus, it’s a great place to buy souvenirs.

The first level also has an observation area with a clear floor where you can watch life pass by beneath your feet. As you might imagine, it makes for a pretty cool photo op.  

The second floor boasts an even more impressive view, and is also home to the Michelin-starred French restaurant, Le Jules Verne. 

Once on the second floor, you can take an elevator to the summit, an absolute must, in my opinion. The observation deck stands 905 feet high and offers unmatched panoramic views of Paris. At the summit, you’ll also find a Champagne bar, so you can even enjoy a glass of bubbly overlooking La Ville-Lumière. 

When you visit the Eiffel Tower, you can also enjoy the gardens surrounding the tower, a beautiful and tranquil escape despite being located under one of the world’s busiest monuments. 

There are restrooms located on every floor of the Eiffel Tower as well as in the esplanade below.

How much do tickets for the Eiffel Tower cost? 

View from the Eiffel Tower

When visiting the Eiffel Tower you have two options for two different choices:

  • Where you go: You can either get a ticket that includes the summit, or simply take in the views from the second floor, which are still really impressive at 380 feet above the city.
  • How you get there: To get to the second floor, you can travel by elevator or stairs.

Ticket prices also vary depending on your age. Admission is free for children under 4.

How to get tickets for the Eiffel Tower

There are two ways to get tickets for the Eiffel Tower, either in advance online or in person at the kiosks under the tower itself. I’ll tell you step-by-step how to get your Eiffel Tower tickets in the following sections. 

How to get tickets to the Eiffel Tower online

Woman smiling in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Purchasing online tickets is simple and takes just a few minutes. Online ticket reservations open 60 days in advance. You can reserve tickets up until three hours before your visit time, subject to availability, of course. I recommend booking in advance to get your preferred time slot.

  1. Before your travel date, visit the official Eiffel Tower website and select “Prices and Times.”
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Buy a Ticket,” then select “Individual” from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Now you can choose a date from the interactive calendar. 
  4. Once you’ve selected a date, you’ll be asked to choose the number of tickets you want as well as the respective age groups for all visitors. After you’ve made your selection, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Choose which level you’ll visit (second level or summit) and how you’ll get there (elevator or stairs).
  6. Select your time slot from the available list. The further in advance you reserve, the more options you’re likely to have.
  7. Enter your payment information and confirm your purchase. 
  8. Download your e-tickets to your phone, or print them out and voilà — you have your tickets to the Eiffel Tower!

How to get tickets to the Eiffel Tower in person:

Eiffel Tower base when you get tickets

You can also purchase tickets for the Eiffel Tower on-site. And some options, such as the stairs and elevator combo, may only be available for purchase in person. 

Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Head to the Eiffel Tower Esplanade, and go to the South or East pillar entrances. The East pillar is generally less crowded. This is where you’ll pass through a security screening.
  2. If you want to take the lift, head to the East or West pillars to purchase your tickets.
  3. If you’re planning to take the stairs, head to the South pillar. 

The open hours of the pillars are subject to change for security or maintenance reasons.

Pro tip: As a local, I’d recommend going earlier in the day. You can visit La Tour Eiffel first thing and get the lay of the land as you look at Paris below you. It’s also sometimes less crowded in the morning, and if you’re climbing, it’s a great workout before lunch!

What about a guided tour of the Eiffel Tower? 

tour group climbing eiffel

One of the best ways to visit any iconic place is with a local expert, someone to guide you through the experience and make sure you don’t miss a thing. And the Eiffel Tower is no exception. Whether you prefer the adventure or challenge of a guided climbing tour or prefer to travel by elevator, there’s a tour for you.

Why choose one of our guided tours? All our guides are local experts on the Eiffel Tower and will accompany you every step of the way, offering entertainment and practical info as you go. Plus, our guides show you where to get the best photo ops, and offer plenty of tips and tricks for how to best experience not only the Eiffel Tower but the rest of Paris. 

Your guide will also get your tickets for you, so you won’t need to worry about that, and they make getting through the line to the Eiffel Tower fun by keeping you entertained along the way.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the tours offered and what’s included.

Tour TypeWhat’s Included
Guided ClimbYour ticket to the Eiffel Tower
A guided climb to the first and second levels, featuring exhibits, dining options, and souvenir shopping
The chance to learn about the tower’s history, engineering, and lore
Guided Climb with Summit add-onEverything in the guided climb
An elevator ride to the summit (summit subject to closure as determined by Eiffel Tower staff)
Elevator TourYour ticket to the Eiffel Tower
A guided visit to the second level by elevator, including exhibits, dining, and shopping
Fascinating tales of the tower’s history, engineering, and lore
Elevator Tour with summit add-onEverything included in the elevator tour
An elevator ride to the summit (summit subject to closure as determined by Eiffel Tower staff)

Children 3 and younger receive free admission to our tours. 

Local tip: My favorite way to experience the Eiffel Tower is by climbing. While it may be a bit of a workout, it’s definitely a more personal experience, and you can go at your own pace (or in my case, stop to take all the photos). Plus, you get to see the first level with its transparent floor! 

How to book your guided Eiffel Tower tour

Looking for Eiffel Tower tour tickets? Booking your guided Eiffel Tower tour is simple and quick and can even be done from your smartphone.

Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  1. Go to the official Eiffel Tower Tour website.
  2. Select either “Guided Climb” or “Elevator Tour” from the menu at the top.
  3. Once you’ve chosen which tour you’d like, scroll down and click “Book now.”
  4. You’ll now be able to enter your email address, select the number of people attending, and choose a date and time for your tour.
  5. Click “Add to cart” and fill in your billing information.
  6. Download your vouchers (or print them) from the email you receive.

How to get to the Eiffel Tower 

Metro sign in Paris

Thanks to Paris’s excellent public transport network, getting to the Eiffel Tower is a breeze from just about anywhere in the city. The Eiffel Tower is served by bus, metro, and RER stations, and there are several city bike (Vélib’) stations nearby as well. 

Getting to the Eiffel Tower by bus

  • Bus 30, stop: Tour Eiffel
  • Bus 69, stop: Champ de Mars
  • Bus 72, stop: Pont d’Iena
  • Bus 82, stops: Tour Eiffel or Montessuy
  • Bus 86, stop: Champ de Mars 

Getting to the Eiffel Tower by Metro

  • Line 9, station: Trocadero
  • Line 8, station: Ecole Militaire
  • Line 6, station: Bir-Hakeim (Temporarily closed for upgrade works)

Getting to the Eiffel Tower by city bicycle

  • Station N°15026: 11 Bd de Grenelle, 75015 Paris
  • Station N°15071: 36 Av. de Suffren, 75015 Paris

Scam alert: Beware of pickpockets and unofficial tickets

Eiffel Tower from a distance

Now that you know all about how to get tickets to the Eiffel Tower, there are a couple things you should look out for and be aware of. Paris is a very touristic city, and monuments like the Eiffel Tower often attract pickpockets and scammers. 

Never buy your ticket from a third-party seller on site, or someone claiming to offer you a good deal. This is a popular scam. Go directly to the official ticket office if you’re buying your ticket in person. Reputable tour companies (such as ours) often include tower tickets in their guided tour price. As you research tour providers, be sure to read the fine print and make sure the tour includes admission to the Eiffel Tower.

This goes for everywhere in the city, but when you’re visiting the Eiffel Tower, it’s important to look out for your belongings, especially your phone. Keep your valuables in an inner pocket, and be careful when using your phone or camera. Don’t leave your bags unattended, even just for a minute. All that being said, if you’re careful, you’ll be more than fine. It’s just best to be aware. 

Insider tips on the best time to visit the Eiffel Tower

Paris at sunset

Having lived in Paris for nearly eight years now, I’ve visited the Eiffel Tower dozens of times. Between my love for photography and family and friends coming to visit over the years, the adventures with the Iron Lady seem to keep adding up. 

While I think the Eiffel Tower is magical no matter what time you visit, there are some ways to make the absolute most of your experience. Timing is key. If you plan to visit in the summer months, try to book your tickets in advance, and aim for the early or later to avoid the midday crowds. 

And you don’t want to miss the Eiffel Tower when it’s illuminated at night. It even sparkles for five minutes at the turn of the hour from dusk until 1 a.m. Check out our guide to the Eiffel Tower at night to learn more.