By Jenna Lyons March 7, 2021

Your Complete Eiffel Tower Budget: From Thrifty to Luxe

Eiffel Tower souvenir on map of Paris

It’s the landmark that best embodies Paris. It’s what most visitors to the city by the Seine really came to see: the Eiffel Tower. The question is, how pricey is a visit to the prized gem of Paris? We broke it down for you.

Budgeting your visit to the Eiffel Tower depends on the kind of experience you’re looking for. We broke it down into three categories: average tourists, frugal visitors, and luxury travelers. We’ll start with the middle-of-the-road, average spender.

Mid-range budget for visiting the Eiffel Tower (€45-€75)

Paris metro

Per individual, prepare to spend €45-€75 euros for a full experience adding in transportation, food, souvenirs and a trip to the top.

Here’s a look at the numbers.

Transportation — €4

A metro ride to the Eiffel Tower from anywhere in Paris will cost €1.90 for a one-way, so it’s about €4 for a round trip. Metro lines 9, 6, and 8 lead to the Eiffel Tower at stops Trocadero, Bir Hakeim, and École Militaire.

Pro tip: For the shortest walk to the tower, get off at Bir Hakeim on line 6 — it’s about 10 minutes by foot. If you prefer the scenic route, exit at Trocadero for a nearly 20-minute stroll. The shortest train ride possible is on the RER C, part of the rapid transit system connecting Paris to the suburbs. Get off at Champs de Mars Tour Eiffel, and it’s just over a 5-minute walk.

Food — ~€25

burger in the French style

If you’re looking for drinks and aperitif food, Comptoir Principal near the Bir Hakeim metro station has charcuterie plates around €15. For lunch or dinner, there are other brasseries in the area like Le Petit Suffren, where you can grab a burger. Their €19 lunch deal comes with their daily special plus a dessert. Then, for a reasonably priced and traditional French dinner, Le Casse Noix has an appetizer, main course and dessert special for €35.

Souvenirs — ~€15

Almost directly underneath the Eiffel Tower is the Pont d’Iéna. At the foot of the bridge is a little area with snacks, a carousel for the kids and souvenirs. Smaller items like keychains and magnets won’t bleed you dry, going for around €1 and €3, respectively. But be prepared to fork out €30 for a Paris sweatshirt and around €15 for a hat. Riding the carousel costs around €2.

Eiffel Tower tickets — €10.50-16.70

There are two ways to reach the second level of the tower: by elevator or by climbing. It’s €16.70 by elevator but only €10.50 when you climb. We actually like that a bit better since it’s the original way the tower’s creator recommended you experience the tower.

Guided tour — €34-42

Tour group at the Eiffel Tower

Guided tour costs vary widely. Ours start at €34-€42 for adults, depending on if you climb or ride the elevator, with an additional €5 more during peak season. The tour cost includes your tickets, though, so don’t buy those separately. It also includes your expert tour guide, who will not only handle all the logistics but who will also enrich your experience with history about the Eiffel Tower, fun facts, lore, and more. And they’re always happy to snap a photo of you or your group — they know the best spots for it!

You can add on summit access to a tour as well, though note that summit access is always subject to the discretion of the Eiffel Tower staff. If the summit closes, you can’t go to the top, and that’s whether you’ve purchased tickets separately or with a tour. The Eiffel Tower calls the shots here. However, if you purchase the summit option and access isn’t available, there are several options for refunds which your guide will explain — and of course, we’ll make sure you have an unforgettable time either way!

Summit access — €9.40

There are two ways to reach the top of the tower: For €26, an elevator takes visitors the entire way up. But for around €6 less, you can take the hybrid option. That would be walking half of the way then taking the required elevator to reach the summit.

Local tip: Should you do the summit or not? It’s not that the view is so much better, but for the sake of saying you did it, going to the summit does have its allure. (Plus at the top there’s a little map that tells you your distance from countries around the world, which is fun.)

Using the telescope — ~€2

Telescope at the Eiffel Tower

You can enjoy great views from the Eiffel Tower without using the telescope, but if you do want to take a closer look, allow €1 or €2 to take a peek through the lens.

Next up is a guide for those of us on a bit of a tighter budget.

No Frills (Under €30 )

Champs de Mars for a budget picnic near the Eiffel Tower
Champs de Mars

You could easily spend under €30 when visiting the Eiffel Tower. The magic is still there with more frugal options (you may even appreciate the trip more).

Crunching the numbers, here’s what we have.

Transportation — €4

As noted above, a €4 round trip is the cheapest option aside from walking. That being said, the Eiffel Tower is about an hour walk from the center of Paris, so unless you are already staying near the monument, walking will cut into your sightseeing time.

Food — ~€10

Croque Madame

My personal preference is to have a picnic at the Eiffel Tower’s Champs de Mars park instead of dining in the nearby restaurants. Not only is it much cheaper, but putting a blanket on the grass and enjoying a meal in view of the Eiffel Tower captures more of the whimsy and romance of the city.

Nearby grocery stores or bakeries have baguettes for €1. Cheese is generally €2-€4 euros and a decent bottle of wine can come in around €7- €10. The grocery store closest to Bir Hakeim is Franprix, and the nicest nearby bakery is Boulangerie Suffren 55.

There are also vendors sprinkled around the area with guilty Parisian pleasures. A plain crepe runs around €3 (pay €1 extra for Nutella). My favorite street food is a waffle with Chantilly cream, which costs around €4. And you can’t forget the classic grilled cheese and ham sandwich, a croque monsieur (or croque madame with an egg added in) for about €5.

Souvenirs — ~€3

Eiffel Tower keychain souvenir for thrifty budget

Walk over to one of the many street hawkers selling tiny figurines of the Eiffel Tower. Some even sell a bulk of five small figurines for €1.

Eiffel Tower ticket

If you’re really on a budget and want to save money when visiting the Eiffel Tower, you probably won’t go to the summit. That said, the second level is still an incredible experience, and really, it even has better views. (At the top, you’re so high up you can’t see quite as well.) As mentioned above, tickets to the second floor are about €16 with the elevator or €10 with the stairs.

Last but not least, here’s a guide to spending for those of you who want a taste of Paris luxury.

High Rollers (€200-€300)


If you want to experience the height of Parisian luxury, prepare to spend €200-€300 or more visiting the Eiffel tower.

Here’s how much it costs if you want a luxe Eiffel Tower experience.

Transportation — ~€50

Taking a cab will allow you to be picked up and dropped off right at your location. Prices vary, but could easily cost around €50 for a round trip.

Food — ~€200

There’s a 5-star restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower — Le Jules Verne. Treat yourself to one of their meals. Those of you seeking the full culinary experience may opt for their five-course or seven-course tasting menus, which are each €190 and €230.

Important note: Your reservation at Le Jules Verne includes your ticket for the ride to the second floor.

Souvenirs — €20+

High-end souvenir shops line the first and second levels of the Eiffel Tower. This is where you get an authentic Eiffel Tower souvenir. Plan to spend more than €20 on everything from food and fabrics to home décor.

Guided tour with summit access and Seine river cruise — ~€69-€82

Everything you can see from the Eiffel Tower

Along with your guided tour of the Eiffel Tower (which runs €34-€47, depending on if you go during peak season and if you take the elevator or climb), be sure to splurge on summit access. It’s just €15 more, and it gives you a true bird’s-eye view of Paris.

You can also upgrade your tour ticket to include a Seine river cruise starting at €20 for adults and €10 for children. Your ticket for the cruise is good up to a year after your tour, so you can take the narrated cruise at your convenience. It’s another way to get a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.

Champagne bar at the summit — ~€15

At the summit, there’s a champagne bar where you can soak in the view with a flute of bubbly. You deserve it! Glasses run from around €10 to €15.

Your visit to the Eiffel Tower? Priceless

Eiffel Tower tour visitors getting their photo taken

Visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower comes at a price — but a trip to Paris really is priceless for the memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

The Eiffel Tower is the crown jewel of The City of Light. And like any precious gem, it really does glitter. Every evening starting at sunset, it lights up the first five minutes of every hour. It’s the perfect way to end a day of exploring one of the most famous landmarks in the world. And that show is completely free!