Eiffel Tower tours will be closed July 18-26 due to the Olympics. For other tours of Paris icons, click here. Eiffel Tower tours will be closed July 18-26 due to the Olympics. For other tours of Paris icons, click here.
By Elizabeth Churchill May 27, 2023

Things To Do Near the Eiffel Tower According to a Local

Place du Trocadero

When most people think of the Eiffel Tower, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the view from the top. Whether you glide up by elevator or tackle the stairs, the vistas you’ll be treated to after your ascent are, indeed, unforgettable. But there are many more things to do around the Eiffel Tower when you’re in the area.

Situated in Paris’s 7th district (or arrondissement), the Eiffel Tower is surrounded by a vibrant, historic neighborhood with plenty of ground-level options to add to your visit. I know because I live here! Since 2013, I’ve been lucky enough to call the quarter around the Eiffel my home and to get to know all of the wonderful restaurants, museums, and parks it has to offer. 

Read on for some of my favorite places to eat, shop and relax in the shadow of Paris’s Iron Lady.

Dining close to the Eiffel Tower

After your Eiffel Tower visit, especially if you take our Eiffel Tower Guided Climb, you’ll want to grab some food. Here are a few restaurants to try.

Brasserie Le Suffren

Brasserie Le Suffren

Address: 84 Avenue de Suffren, 75015 Paris
Cuisine type: Traditional French
Distance from the Eiffel Tower: 15 minutes walking

If you’re craving traditional French fare, you can’t go wrong with Le Suffren. A favorite among both tourists and locals, Le Suffren serves up familiar French favorites like escargot, magret de canard, and a wide array of fruits de mer (raw bar shellfish — their specialty).  

Le Suffren provides service continu, meaning that they are open continuously from 7 a.m. to midnight and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The lunch and dinner menu is available from 11 a.m. onward.

On busy nights, you’re likely to see the owner, Carole, bustling around between tables… and possibly my dogs as well, refusing to budge from the sidewalk outside in hopes that she’ll emerge with a tasty morsel of viande hache.


Address: 24 Rue du Dr. Finlay, 75015 Paris
Cuisine type: Casual
Distance from Eiffel Tower: 15 minutes walking

This spot is an absolute neighborhood gem. With its cozy interior and (in warmer weather) expansive outdoor terrasse, l’Abreuvoir is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed, lingering lunch or festive dinner. Its extensive menu makes it a great choice for both vegetarians and carnivores, and its lengthy wine list — including lots of great options by the glass — means that your meal is sure to be full of authentic French cheer. 

Local tip: A reservation is highly recommended, as this is a true local favorite and likely to be crowded.

Chez les Anges

Chez les Anges

Address: 54 Bd de la Tour-Maubourg, 75007 Paris
Cuisine type: Casual
Distance from Eiffel Tower: 18 minutes walking

Looking to toast your trip to the tower with a fancy night out?

Book a table at Chez les Anges (“The Angels’ Place”), Chef Jacques Lacipière’s elegant reinvention of this longtime neighborhood institution originally opened 1952. 

Lacipière’s menu brings a modern twist to many familiar French favorites, all offered within a reasonable fine-dining price point (less than €50 for a main course plus appetizer). With its sleek dining space and comprehensive wine list, Chez les Anges provides the perfect setting to celebrate your own foray up into the clouds.

Snacks, treats, and picnic provisions


Address: 49 boulevard de Grenelle, 75015 Paris
Distance from Eiffel Tower: 10 minutes walking

A sure sign that someone is expecting company for dinner is seeing them stroll home with a bag of goodies from Poilâne. This artisanal bakery is a third-generation family business, founded in 1932 by Pierre Poilâne and currently managed by his granddaughter, Apollonia. 

All of Poilâne’s creations — from their hearty breads to their smooth, creamy flan — are cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven, giving them an extra fresh, authentic taste. It’s a great spot for picnic provisions or for a special snack to enjoy on the go.


Address: 36 Avenue de la Motte Picquet, 75007 Paris
Distance from the Eiffel Tower: 15 minutes walking

If you want to see Parisians bicker, ask a group of three or four of us where to find the best macarons. My own answer is always Lenôtre

With their crisp exterior and soft, pillowy interior, Lenôtre macarons make for the perfect end to any picnic, as well as a great gift for friends and family back home (thanks to their sturdy, travel-friendly box). Lenôtre has locations all over the city, but their spacious boutique on the Avenue de la Motte Picquet provides an especially wide selection of treats, including their signature macarons and refined seasonal pastries.

Le Marché de Grenelle

Le Marché de Grenelle

Address: Boulevard de Grenelle, between La Motte Picquet-Grenelle and Cambronne 
Distance from Eiffel Tower: 15 minutes walking

Want to grocery shop like a real Parisian? Then a visit to an outdoor market is a must. 

Paris boasts a total of 72 marchés alimentaires, each offering a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and cheeses (all products which, under ideal circumstances, should never be purchased from a supermarket when you’re in Paris). 

The Marché de Grenelle is the primary market serving the area around the tower. It’s located directly under the above-ground Line 6 of the metro, between the stations La Motte Picquet-Grenelle and Cambronne.

Local tip: Plan your trip carefully — the market is open only on Sundays and Wednesdays, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Photo spots near the tower

Looking for some budget-friendly entertainment near the tower? I’ve got you covered there too. Both of these spots are Instagram-ready so plan to take lots of photos.

Le Parc du Champ de Mars

Le Parc du Champ de Mars

Distance from the Eiffel Tower: 5 minutes walking

Ask me what I’m doing on any sunny summer Sunday and the answer will invariably be: “relaxing on the Champs de Mars with my dogs.” 

This historic park (the site of France’s first Bastille Day celebration in 1790) sits literally in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, allowing you to lounge, picnic, or play while enjoying a view of Paris’s most recognizable landmark. 

The park offers 25 hectares of plush lawns and shady walking paths, plus two children’s playgrounds and a small carousel. It’s definitely worth a stop before or after your visit to the tower.

Place du Trocadéro

Eiffel Tower

Distance from Eiffel Tower: 15 minutes walking

You know those Instagram photos of tourists beaming with the Eiffel Tower looming large in the background? They were most likely taken here, la Place du Trocadéro, directly across the river from the tower itself. A spacious stone square constructed for the World’s Fair of 1900, Trocadéro presents Paris’s most iconic views of the Iron Lady, making it the ideal spot to pose for your own “forever photos.” 

At Trocadéro, you’ll also find several food trucks supplying snacks and drinks as well as, if you’re lucky, street performers providing entertainment (break-dancers are a common sight).

Places to visit with kids near the Eiffel Tower

When you’re traveling to Paris with kids, you might want some family-friendly fun after your Eiffel Tower tour. (Perhaps you’re wondering if climbing the Eiffel Tower is good for kids? It is! Read our reviews from all ages in our recent blog where travelers share what it’s like to climb the tower.)

Théâtre des Marionnettes Parisiennes du Champs de Mars

Address: Avenue du Général Margueritte, 75007 Paris
Distance from Eiffel Tower: ~ 10 minutes walking

If your littles ones are feeling a bit fatigued after their trip up the tower, why not entertain them with a puppet show? The Théâtre des Marionnettes Parisiennes du Champs de Mars has been delighting young audiences since 1902. 

While shows are performed in French, the colorful hand-created puppets and familiar stories are sure to provide plenty of amusement for non-French speaking kids too. “Cinderella” and “Little Red Riding Hood” have been recent features. 

Performances are held Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 3:15 and 4:15 p.m. As an added bonus, the theater is fully covered and heated in colder months.

The Eiffel Tower Carousel

The Eiffel Tower Carousel

Address: Quai Jacques Chirac, 75007 Paris
Distance from Eiffel Tower: 3 minutes walking

The younger members of your party will be happy to know that Paris takes merry-go-rounds very seriously. 

The city is dotted with beautiful and historic manèges (that’s French for carousel, more literally translated as “stables”). The merry-go-round at the foot of the Eiffel, also known as Carousel XI, makes for a particularly thrilling ride, not least for the views of the tower that come into sight with every whirl. At just a few euros per person, this is also an affordable family activity.

Shopping near the Eiffel Tower

Address: La Rue Saint Dominique, 75007 Paris
Distance from tower: 5-20 minutes walking

If a shopping trip is on your Parisian itinerary, then look no further than this charming, lively street, just steps from the tower itself. Snaking along between the Avenue de Bourdonnais and l’Esplanade des Invalides, la Rue Saint Dominique is home to virtually all of Paris’s well-known high street brands (Maje, Claudie Pierlot, The Kooples) as well as smaller independent boutiques. 

You’ll also find bakeries, restaurants, and several cafés equipped with spacious terraces where you can admire the view while resting your weary feet. 

Plan your day near the tower

So whether you’re hungry from your tower climb, looking for some family entertainment, or just hoping for a scenic spot to sit and relax, the area around the Eiffel Tower definitely has plenty of options.

Paris is a big place, and its endless array of activities and attractions can sometimes make planning your trip feel overwhelming. Setting aside a day to spend around the tower is a great way to take some stress out of your itinerary, and make the most of your visit to this incredible landmark!

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